This page is dedicated to
Reber School graduates who were killed in action during WWII.

Click on any of these photos to see an enlargement.

2nd Lt Albert V.

 Ssgt. Anthony Asaro

 Sgt. Alfred Mantopli

 Sgt. Angelo L.Possenti Jr.

 Major Barney Lihn

 1st Lt. Cuno V. Becker

 Pfc. Charles F. Capra Jr.

 Charles R. Harvey Jr.

 Sgt. Charles C. Lotti

 1st Lt. Clarence T. Moyer

 1st Lt.Charles Newton

 Edward Belfi

 Eugene Mapes

 Edgar P. Sprague Jr.

 PFC George R. Carlton

2nd Lt.  Horace P. Crudo


Irvin J. Layton

 PFC Joseph J. Cerione

 PFC John A. Landicina


 Lt. Joseph S. Martinelli

 1st Lt. Jacob I. Moscowitz

 Sgt. Jackie Nesbit

 1st Lt. John F. Steinedar

 John S. Unsworth Jr.

 Kenneth H. Preston

 Pvt. Louis Carter Jr.

 L. Seaman 1st Class Leroy E.

 Ludwig F. Weller

 Pfc. Mark E. Blinn


 Malcolm V. Lucas

 1st Lt. Nathan F. Drake

 Otto A. Weller

 SSgt. Peter Giuliani

 Robert E. Jones

 Sgt. Roy L. Sweet

 Thomas Gruccio

 Cpl. Theodore J. Mainero

 1st Lt. Thomas E. Williams

 Lt. Col. William B. Whisonant

If you have any information on these men please feel free to contact us.